Welcome to the Crystals Cavern Server Store! This is where you can purchase ranks, keys and more additional features like tags to display in your username! Purchasing a rank here is ONLY for Crystals Cavern, This will not apply in Lunar Core or in our CREATIVE server. If you wish to have a rank on Lunar Core or Creative visit the other stores linked in our discord. Purchasing an item not only improves gameplay but it improves our server too. Purchases help us pay for the server, maintain the server and much more and with your support we are able to run Crystals Cavern. The staff team are very grateful for your support, we appreciate it all. 


Note to parents:
We understand that the idea of your child wanting to buy something on the internet may be a bit worrying so we will quickly explain it to you.
Your child is playing on an online world, with many other players. Each player starts with a member rank, which comes with many features already, but not all of them. When purchasing a package from our server, we reward your child with a higher rank or other features, depending on the package. This includes more features than the default rank or enables them to be able to get extra things on the server, therefore making the game experience more enjoyable.


Purchase Info:

All purchases are final and cannot be refunded after the purchase of the package. Any fraudulent purchases and/or activity will result in your account being permanently banned from our server! Before making any purchases, you must be above the age of 18 or have permission from a parent or legal guardian! Make sure to read the Terms of Service before purchasing anything. They make it so you lose all chargebacks!



We require personal information to prevent fraud or abuse of our systems.

Your details will never be given or sold to any company or organization outside of Crystals Cavern without prior notification. We strive to keep this information as safe as possible.
You will not receive any spam emails or similar. We may contact you in case we notice issues with your payment.

Recent Payments

1x Azurite

1x Selenite Key

1x Azurite

1x Random Fabled Book